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Green Mist

Will you survive?

Green Mist is an Immersive play that follows three families who have taken refuge at a Bed and Breakfast. While an unprecedented green mist has made it impossible to go outside, they will have to learn how to survive in the house where the power dynamics have taken a potentially dangerous turn. 

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This immersive show unfolds in three main rooms. The common area, which includes access to a kitchen, a pantry, a bathroom, and an entire living room, is occupied by The Owner and His Wife. The lobby has been adapted as a dormitory by Chick and Dude, a pair of African-American siblings. Lastly, there’s the room upstairs where a family of two moms, one of them a Central American immigrant, and their son have survived with little to no food supplies. For the first few weeks, these families lived unbeknownst to one another, but now their worlds have inevitably collapsed, leading to an urgent need for a societal organization. The three "worlds" will play simultaneously as the story unfolds in real time. Audience members will be given loose instructions on which character to follow at first. After that, they will have the ability to freely flow through the rooms of the B&B if they are so bold. The story is always the same, but the perspective is different for every audience member.
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Development History

Green Mist was initially developed as part of the Playwrights Directors Workshop at The Actors Studio during the 2017 and 2019 seasons.


In June 2021, it had its first linear public reading at Fiona's Bar in Brooklyn. It was produced by The Call Theatre.


In October 2021, with the support of City Artists Corp Grants, it had its first immersive reading at New Perspectives Theatre.

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